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NonCoreProjector is a collective of visual artists, technologists, scientists, and musicians experimenting with physical, biological, conceptual, and political data systems, along with human/AI symbiosis. We explore consequential relationships between spoken and written language and multisensory, visceral experience.

We believe in the open dissemination of information, and source free online resources like WebAPIs, streaming/broadcasting services, newsfeeds, and chatbots. Therefore, our works embrace the unpredictable flow of misused technology, user comments, and glitches. We similarly utilize silence, both as a way to counter the highly processed media we investigate, and to center the unpredictable acoustics within diverse spaces.

The systems we construct to generate visual and auditory content build slowly and incrementally, in a Rube Goldberg way. We are searching for patterns that link the past to the present and the human to the artificial. Our works investigate reciprocal relationships between brains, bodies, sensory stimuli, spaces and machines.

NonCoreProjector = John O'Connor + Rollo Carpenter + Elias Jarzombek + Jack Colton + Nathaniel Clark

Email: noncoreprojector [at] gmail.com